17.10.2013 | GIZ: Research meets Practice "The uphill battle: new challenges for low-cost renewable energies"

Energy demand is increasing. CO2 emissions are rising. Resources are getting scarce. The price for fossil fuels is skyrocketing. And costs for renewable energy technologies are decreasing.

These trends have made renewable energies a feasible alternative to traditional energy generation, which is more expensive and dependent on international fossil fuel markets. Renewable energies play a central role in ensuring our future energy security and have the potential to positively impact economic development, government budgets, the environment and poverty reduction. Theoretically, renewable energy should be a fast-seller, especially in developing and emerging countries. However, this is not necessarily the case despite significant cost reductions and the resulting gradual increases in investment and capacity.

Having overcome the cost hurdle, renewable energies still face a steep uphill battle in developing countries. In addition to the barriers posed by electricity market design, regulations and financing models, greater deployment of variable renewable energies will require us to rethink how to ensure grid stability and supply security. This raises several questions: Are renewables really a viable alternative for developing and emerging countries? And if so, what is the role of the international community and German international cooperation, especially considering the German ‘Energiewende’, in ensuring sustainable development of the energy sector in other countries? What successful forms of collaboration exist between researchers and practitioners, and how can these be used to catalyse the deployment of renewables?

To discuss these issues we will be joined by Michael Taylor (Senior Analyst, International Renewable Energy Agency Innovation and Technology Center, Bonn), who researches costs and technology trends in the area of renewable energies, as well as Dr Bernhard Bösl (Senior Advisor Energy, GIZ), who will contribute his practical GIZ-specific experience. Moderation: Ute Lange.

The event will take place on 17 October 2013 from 16:00 to 18:00. Following the discussion, we invite you to join us for an informal exchange over snacks and drinks.

Venue: Godesberger Allee 119, Bonn, Germany

Contact (please register before 10 Oct.): Sonja Moissidis forschungtrifftpraxis(AT)giz.de


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