01. – 02.11.2012 | Germanwatch: NGO Strategy Dialogue on Energy and Climate, Agriculture and Food Security towards the Great Transformation

150 Persons from key countries all over the world will participate in the November 2012 Dialogue on Transformation. It is organised by Germanwatch in cooperation with IATP and aims to foster civil society strategies for the Great Transformation. Get your information about programme, steering group, key notes and the crew.

Discussion will focus

  • on strategies of NGOs as well as
  • on alliances with other civil society actors

how to best shape the necessary transformation.
Debates will be based on

  • information exchange,
  • sharing of successfully proven policy, social movements and civil society approaches, as well as
  • on fresh ideas and innovative methods to tackle the multiple crises.

In approaching two crucial topics within the realm of the Great Transformation (energy/climate and agriculture/food security), we hope to encounter the various synergies that emerge from this gathering of experts and topics. Within this process, intercultural dimensions and the various roles of civil society actors in different regions and settings are highly relevant; the approach will lead along the lines of “common goals and different solutions”. According to discussions inside the steering group, we position the top priority of the Great Transformation in triggering systemic changes towards renewable and viable energy and agricultural systems that reduce not only poverty and hunger and contribute to mitigating climate change, but support the path towards new models of prosperity and real wealth.

The NGO strategy dialogue will be open for broad exchange at an international civil society conference on November 1-2. It will be attended by around 150 international experts from all over the world including 40 representatives from the global south that are fully financed. The conference will be followed by a regional meeting on November 3 2012 for southern participants in Bonn/Germany. The process of establishing content was supported by an international steering group during an official meeting at the Rio+20-Conference. The steering group consists of renowned experts from various continents.

Germanwatch is organising and chairing in co-operation with IATP this entire dialogue, funded by Stiftung Mercator. Germanwatch´s mission is: “…to actively promote North-South equity and the preservation of livelihoods. We observe, analyse and act. In doing so, we focus on the politics and economics of the North with their worldwide consequences”. Germanwatch has longstanding knowledge in the thematic fields of the dialogue and has previously organised similar exchange projects. Working in national and international networks in the fields of climate and food policy, as well as building alliances are key qualifications and operation methods of Germanwatch.

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