24 – 25.04.2012 | Welthungerhilfe: International Conference “Move! United for Sustainable Development”

No prosperity without growth – no development without prosperity – has been the bedrock principle of western capitalism until today. However, these assumptions are increasingly being contested in manifold ways. Climate change, globalisation, population growth, the increasing demand for resources and rising food prices subsequently bear nutrition crises, land conflicts , battle over energy resources and water as well as over forest and fishing rights. Along with a decreasing biodiversity, these dynamics underline that the limits of the planet are about to be reached. They increasingly affect livelihoods, in particular those of populations of the global south.

In honour of 50 years of fruitful cooperation with our international partners, the conference focuses upon topics which pose challenges to the daily work of our global partners and reflect the core issues pursued by the Welthungerhilfe since its foundation fifty years ago: (1)The impact of climate change on the right to food, (2) the threat of food waste and food losses to food security and (3)the impact of large scale land deals on developing countries. These dynamics increasingly affect livelihoods, in particular those of populations of the global south and challenge sustainable development. Nowadays such concerns also touch upon questions about human rights as well as global economic and political governance. In this respect, a cross cutting question will be the role and prospects of development NGO`s in coping with these problems.

About 150 representatives of national and international development organizations, experts and researchers will participate in the conference. Keynote speakers include highly reputed experts in the field of sustainable development, amongst other:

  • Klaus Töpfer, Vice President, Welthungerhilfe and former executive director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
  • Alberto Acosta. Professor for Economics, former Minister of Energy and former President of the constituent assembly in Ecuador
  • Nnimo Bassey, Director of Friends of the Earth International and co-winner of the Right Livelihood Award (Alternative Nobel Prize)
  • Valentin Thurn, Filmmaker, director of the documentary  film “Taste the Waste“

Throughout a cross border comparison of obstacles and challenges we seek to jointly discuss solutions and future perspectives. The aim is to promote personal exchange through strategically networking in order to foster international cooperation.

The official invitation including a detailed program will follow soon.