09.05.2011 | University of Bonn: International lecture "Livelihood Research: A critical Exploration"

The Department of Geography, University of Bonn, invites you to the 7. International Lecture in Development Geography:

„Livelihood Research: A Critical Exploration“

Lecturer: Prof. Leo de Haan, International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), Den Haag.

In livelihood research, the presentation of pro-active actors at the micro-level organizing their livelihoods introduced an unproblematic presentation with the emphasis on the creative way in which actors were up and doing with their assets and resources and capitals. Power relations as mechanisms that bring about inequality and social exclusion were neglected. In addition, livelihood analysis had a strong local focus. But in the era of globalisation people are not only organised in co-resident groups concentrated in space, but also in multi-local – and sometimes even global – networks of livelihood.

Nowadays, power relations are receiving ample attention in livelihood analysis. But there should not only be a focus on local power relations but also on the relationship between local impeding structures and supra-local structures. Moreover, livelihoods analysis now takes notice of (international) migration. But this also requires attention for power relations in various parts and levels of the livelihood network.

When: Monday, 9. May 2011, 18 h

Where: Alfred-Philippson-Hörsaal, Department of Geography, Meckenheimer Allee 166

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