UNU-EHS: The Way Forward. Researching the Environment and Migration Nexus


The 2nd issue of the Research Brief Series entitled „The Way Forward. Researching the Environment and Migration Nexus“ deals with possible future migration flows triggered by climate change. The issue based on the outcomes of the second Expert Workshop on Climate Change, Environment, and Migration is written by two UNU-EHS scientists: Marc Stal and Koko Warner. The workshop aimed to further understand the links and implications of climate change and environmental degradation for migration and policy and took place in Munich, Germany, in July 2009 . This Research Brief highlights that it is crucial to understand how existing migration flows may be affected by climate change in the future, therefore research should focus on providing best practice solutions as well as a set of options to manage the impacts of environmentally induced migration

Publication link: http://www.ehs.unu.edu/file.php?id=718