1 Dec 2022: Dealing with multiple global crisis – the role of the World Bank and how it has to evolve (H-BRS)

Keynote Speaker: Michael Krake, Executive Director for Germany, World Bank Group, USA

Today the biggest challenges in our world go beyond borders and pose existential risks for our societies – climate change, pandemics, loss of biodiversity, fragility and others affect all of us, but especially the poorest and most vulnerables.

Yet, multilateral institutions like the World Bank were not designed to address these challenges. The World Bank is now confronted with new demands like unprecedented crisis response and protecting global public goods. At the same time, traditional development challenges like eradicating hunger and poverty remain. The World Bank needs to put green, resilient and inclusive development at the core of its mandate. Easier said than done…

Michael Krake serves as the World Bank Group Executive Director for Germany since April 2022. Prior to joining the WBG Board, Mr. Krake held leadership positions in the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) as Deputy Director-General for Sustainable Supply Chains, Food and Rural Development; Director-General for Global Health, Private Sector, Trade and Rural Development; and Deputy Director-General for Private Sector, Trade, Employment and Digital Technologies.
He also served as BMZ’s main focal point for cooperation with the International Labour Organization and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. Mr. Krake spearheaded the team for Germany’s contribution to the WBG’s World Development Reports from 2019 to 2021. He is a seasoned economist specialized in international cooperation and development with over 20 years of experience in public policy, diplomacy, and the private sector. Mr. Krake serves on the Committee on Development Effectiveness (CODE) and is a member of the Budget Committee (BC).

On 1 Dec 2022Michael Krake will hold a keynote on “Dealing with multiple global crises – the role of the World Bank and how it has to evolve”.

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