One Resilient Earth: Weekly Climate Workers Circle

A weekly circle for climate workers around the world to unite, share, listen, learn from each other, and grow together the courage and resilience to keep on doing the work.

The Climate Workers Circle provides a safe virtual space for individuals working on climate change and environmental degradation. It gives a chance to offload some of the emotional weight we may take on during our daily activities, and cannot talk about in the workplace or with our friends and relatives.

It provides an opportunity to share openly about injustice, exhaustion, frustration, grief, but also joy, hope and critical experiences, within a supportive community of purpose.

The circle gathers climate workers (e.g. students, professionals, activists…) from various generations, any parts of the world and from fields as diverse as arts, science, education, tech, industry, finance, community organizing, as well as social and humanitarian work.

Inspired by the practice of Indigenous “talking circles” from North America, the circle builds on the following principles:

  • Creating a space for deep listening and being heard
  • Honoring all voices equally
  • Telling stories and sharing experiences
  • Generating mutual understanding, respect and support
  • Honoring the gifts, knowledge, talents and experiences of each member
  • Building community

In practice, the Climate Workers Circle members gather every Tuesday at 2pm ET/ 8pm CET, for one hour, to share stories openly with the group, or just listen in and hold space for others to do so. No questions asked. No feedback beyond gratefulness for taking part.

Interested climate workers are welcome to register here or contact us at: