11.02.2021 | EADI: Virtual Dialogue: Consistent Injustice Within Environment-Development Intervention in Sub-Saharan Africa and Possible Ways Forward, with Susannah Sallu

Possible ways forward to (re)negotiate rural livelihood and landscape resilience: Susannah Sallu from the Sustainability Research Institute of the University of Leeds will bring together and reflect on her recent portfolio of case study research on climate change, conservation and agricultural development intervention, largely conducted in Tanzania.

She will draw out consistent narratives of injustice within environment-development intervention from empirical work and reflect on evidence emerging from literary reviews on social innovation and resilience to propose possible options forward to (re)negotiate rural livelihood and landscape resilience.

Susannah Sallu holds a Masters in Environmental Technology (Imperial College) and a PhD in Geography (Oxford). She is currently Associate Professor of Environment & Development in the Sustainability Research Institute and School of Earth & Environment at the University of Leeds. Susannah is an interdisciplinary research scientist. Her research focuses broadly on human-environment interactions and more specifically on rural livelihoods, environmental change, marginalisation and natural resource governance. Susannah has particular regional expertise in sub-Saharan Africa, particularly Tanzania where she has worked since 2000.

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Source: European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI), 08 January 2021