EADI | Supporting the building-up of partnerships for education in South Eastern Europe Bridge 47 – Building Global Citizenship

In 2019, EADI started a collaborative partnership with the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences (FSES) of Comenius University at Bratislava with the goal of building-up a knowledge exchange partnership in South Eastern Europe with special focus in Slovakia and Slovenia. Two other members of the Bridge 47 consortium came on board, Ambrela Slovakia and SLOGA Slovenia, both umbrella-member organizations of CSOs working in development and education in their respective countries.

Three regional meetings took place between 2019 and 2020, and members of the partnerships have participated and continue doing so in other Bridge 47-related events, as Envision 4.7, advocacy and policy groups, among others. Lately, members of this partnership have been introduced to the other regional knowledge partnerships (Iberian and Northern) to support further collaboration in projects and other initiative on GCE at the European level.

Dr. Gabriel Weibl, former professor at Comenius University at Bratislava, and now at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, coordinated this process, and participated in several Bridge 47 related initiatives. He will continue his engagement with Bridge 47 from his new position.

In the following video, Dr. Weibl presents the strategy and the experience so far, also remarking the caveats of the specific Slovakia situation and the perspectives for the future:

Last, but not least, Jakub Zaludko of Ambrela Slovakia, gives us the perspective from the civil society point of view.

EADI will continue this work with like-minded partners interested in advancing the cause of education through partnerships for development. For more information: https://www.eadi.org/bridge-47-building-global-citizenship/

Source: European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI), 09 November 2020