Video: Bonn Alliance | Digitainability – Digitalization and Sustainability at the Bonn Alliance/ ICB

At the Innovation Campus Bonn (ICB), the research priority Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence has a special interest in the nexus between digitalization and sustainable development. To describe the nexus we use the term “digitainability”, which is a mergence between “digitalization” and “sustainability” and as a concept refers to the cross-fertilization between these two. This cross-fertilization can either combine positive aspects of digitalization and sustainability in a certain context, or facilitate both.

Bundling forces of two such complex transformative processes (digitalization and sustainability) is a huge challenge. However, this interface is also, where the opportunities lie.

By doing research in digitainability, one can get a better perspective of the different aspects and can weigh off the risks against the opportunities. That is what we do at the Innovation Campus Bonn (ICB).

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Source: The Bonn Alliance for Sustainability Research/ Innovation Campus Bonn (ICB), 08.09.2020