EADI | Call for online moderators – online activities on development studies

EADI plans to hold workshops, seminars, meetings and trainings online and hereby solicits your proposals for the moderation of these online events. Proposals must be received by EADI no later than 19 April 2020. Online session moderators will manage online seminars and participants’ online activities including discussion groups, live chats and polls.

Moderators will apply participatory methods that are adapted to an online seminar or classroom environment. They raise reflection questions to participants based on seminar speakers’ input, make summaries of online discussions and queries and implement polls or support decision making processes during the online event.

  1. Master’s degree or enrolment in doctoral studies in Development Studies, Political Science, Geography, Economics, Political Economy or related topics is required.
  2. Excellent written and spoken English.
  3. Rich experience in teaching or managing online classes is highly desirable.
  4. Excellent technological skills are required.
  5. Online course moderation experience is required.

Please provide a comprehensive CV clearly identifying the experiences that demonstrate expertise in online community management and moderation of online activities. Please provide a motivation letter highlighting your knowledge of development research and your experience in managing and moderating online courses. In addition:

  1. Please provide a list of online activities supported
  2. Please provide related references in support of the quality of your work (max. 10)
  3. Please provide a brief description of your methodology in managing on line communities and interaction in online courses
  4. Please provide a fee per hour and a maximum fee per day

Please send your proposal to ender@eadi.org

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Source: European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI), 30 March 2020