EADI | Webinar: Rights and Accountability in ‘Making’ and ‘Shaping’ Social Protection, 28 February 1:00pm CET

In this webinar “Linking social rights to active citizenship for the most vulnerable: the role of rights and accountability in the ‘making’ and ‘shaping’ of social protection?“, Rachel Sabates-Wheeler will discuss a conceptual framework she has developed through which citizens can be engaged and stimulated to make rights-based claims for social protection entitlements.

Her work highlights the ways in which the design and delivery of social protection can open up spaces for different forms of citizenship engagement and expression. This in turn establishes institutional spaces where citizens can engage with the state, and each other and demonstrates the unique potential for social protection to build the economic, social and political capabilities of citizens.

Dr Rachel Sabates-Wheeler is a Development Economist with extensive experience in rural development, institutional analysis and social protection. Rachel has been a Research Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex since 2001, and a Director of the Centre for Social Protection since 2006. She has worked with poverty analysis work relating to PRSPs, social protection and migration in over seven African countries and on land policy in in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

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Source: European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI), Janurary 2020