06.11.2019 | EADI Webinar: Rethinking Research Collaboration for Global Development

In this webinar, Jude Fransman and Kate Newman (co-convenors of the Rethinking Research Collaborative) will discuss their work on understanding and improving trans-national/sectoral/disciplinary research collaboration to address the urgent social and environmental challenges facing the world today.

Charting the shift from effectiveness to equity and onwards to an ecological agenda for research collaboration, they will explore the politics of research from ODA-funding and participation in research governance to design, implementation, communication, adaptation and use of research and consider the implications for rethinking research ethics, impact and capacity.

Dr Jude Fransman is a social scientist with an interdisciplinary background spanning international development, education and science and technology studies. In her research she focuses on on the politics of knowledge mobilisation. She is currently research fellow at the Institute of Educational Technology/The Open University.

Dr Kate Newman has worked in the international development sector for the past 20 years, initially based in Mexico, then at ActionAid in the UK, where she coordinated a global programme. She has also been a consultant to various international non-governmental organisations (INGOs) and worked at the Open University. Today she is Co-head Research, Evidence and Learning at Christian Aid UK.

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Source: European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI), November 2019