BICC: Zum Umgang mit Konflikten unter Geflüchteten und Migrantengemeinschaften in NRW

In BICC Policy Brief 6\2019 “On handling conflicts among refugees and migrant communities in NRW – Assuring equal treatment and enabling participation on equal terms”, the author Tim Röing gives the following recommendations:

  • Address hostilities between refugees and people with a migration background
  • Establish multi-language, culturally sensitive complaints offices in shelters
  • Raise awareness with employees and volunteers with regard to possible discrimination
  • Assure the neutrality of contractors and service providers
  • Encourage migrant self-organisations and integrate them into existing integration concepts

This publication is based on data collected since mid-2016 by the BICC research project “Between civil war and integration – The reception of displaced people as an opportunity and risk for societal change in NRW”. The project team conducted qualitative individual and group interviews with 40 displaced persons and 15 expert interviews with representatives of migrant self-organisations and social workers.  Data from field research for a study on conflicts and conflict prevention in refugee shelters that were collected in the same project (Christ, Meininghaus, & Röing, 2017) was also used.


Author: Tim Röing

Source: Publications Internationales Konversionszentrum Bonn – Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC) GmbH, Juni 2019