11.07.2019 | EADI: Panel | Environment and Transformation: New Focus points of Development Studies in the Anthropocene

Climate change, environmental degradation and increasing global divides in income and wealth force development scholarship and development policy makers to think beyond established North-South binaries. They are in demand to address the cumulative environmental, social and political impacts of the Anthropocene in a more just, inclusive and transdisciplinary way.


Imme Scholz (German Development Institute): The Relevance of Environmental Research for Development Studies

Joyeeta Gupta (University of Amsterdam): An Inclusive Development Perspective on Development Studies in the Anthropocene

The panellists will take a transdisciplinary lens to explore processes of socio-cultural, political-economic and ecological change and place the interconnections of environment and transformation as a focal point of departure for re-assessing and re-conceptualising the role and responsibility of development studies.

We will be debating:

  • Why is it necessary to redefine Development Studies in the context of the Anthropocene? How can we imagine Anthropocene scholarship?
  • How are relationships between society and nature to be reconceptualised? What is required for a fundamental re-orientation of policies and social action, considering links of national and local action towards human wellbeing with the protection and provision of global public goods and human uses of the environment?
  • What do transformation studies add to the debate? How do they challenge the established organization of scientific knowledge production by applying inter- and transdisciplinary thinking and methodologies?

The event will be video-recorded and made available online

11.07.2019 | 16.30 – 18.30 Uhr | German Development Institute, Tulpenfeld 6, 53113 Bonn

Source: Notification EADI e.V., 24.06.2019