BICC: Schlüssel zu einer erfolgreichen Integration Geflüchteter – Sprachkompetenz, Wohnen, Arbeit, gesellschaftliche Teilhabe

In BICC Policy Brief 5\2019 “Key to the successful integration of displaced persons: Language competence, housing, work, social participation” (in German), author Simone Christ understands integration as participation for all people that is as equitable as possible. Integration is a process of encounter and exchange, not a unilateral adaptation effort by migrants. Socio-political challenges—such as the protracted difficulties on the housing market or in the school system—can make equal participation more difficult. However, solutions must be found here that involve not only displaced people but all strata of the population in order to avoid conflicts and competition.

Based on almost two years of field research in North Rhine-Westphalia, BICC Policy Brief 5\2019 provides the following policy recommendations for the successful integration of displaced persons:

  • Grant integration policy measures to all displaced persons from the outset, regardless of their prospects of remaining in Germany (“Bleibeperspektive”)
  • Enable participation—through language skills, on the labour market and through support services
  • Recognise the housing situation as an essential integration factor
  • Reduce restrictions on family reunification

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Source: Notification Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC), March 2019