UNISDR Competition: Reducing the human cost of disasters

Around the world, many millions of people are affected by natural hazards. Floods, drought, landslides , wildfires, extreme weather, tsunamis or earthquakes, can all do enormous damage to communities, homes, schools and hospitals as well as causing loss of life and loss of income. More than US$520 billion is lost every year as a result of disasters, money that would be better invested in health, education, and building livelihoods.

But all over the world communities are finding ways to reduce the damage caused by disasters. There are many examples: building resilient homes and schools, establishing natural barriers to protect against storms, planting trees on hillside to prevent mudslides, growing resilient crops, developing technology to give advanced warning, and planning for better recovery from disasters.

Enter our competition by sending a 3 minute video about preventing and reducing economic loss from disasters. There are top prizes of US$500, and your films will be shown on International Day for Disaster Reduction, 13 October.

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Source: UN Bonn, 29.08.2018