12.09.2018 | ZEF / EFI / UNU-EHS: The Future of Global Forest Governance

Wednesday, September 12, 4pm – 6pm
Right Conference Room, Ground Floor,
Center for Development Research (zef)

Forests are a global key ecosystem that provides many critical services and goods for societies, ranging from biomass to intangible cultural services. Governing the world’s forests remains challenging in response to a growing world population with increasing demands and related major concerns such as poverty, climate change, or illegal logging.

Please join us as we explore the future of global forest governance with leading experts from different continents.


  • Gerhard Dieterle | Executive Director – International Tropical Timber Organization
  • Constance McDermott | Senior Fellow – Enviromental Change Institute, Oxford University
  • Matthias Schwoerer | Head of Division – European and International Forest Policy, BMEL
  • Jussi Viitanen |Head of FLEGT/REDD+ Unit – European Forest Institute
  • Paolo Cerutti | Senior Scientist – Center for International Forestry Research
  • Saskia Ozinga | Forest Governance Campaigner – Fern

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Contact: Dennis Roitsch – dennis.roitsch@efi.int

Source: Notification European Forest Institute (EFI) – Bonn Office, 28.08.2018