Fairtrade International: Stand for Fairness in This Year’s World Fairtrade Challenge and Beyond

From 11-13 May 2018, everyone is invited to join Fairtrade farmers, workers and supporters across the globe to make the case for more trade justice.

In last year’s World Fairtrade Challenge more than 2 million participants in 43 countries gathered to celebrate the difference Fairtrade can make to farmers and workers worldwide. This year, Fairtrade supporters are coming together again to stand for fairness in global trade.

Many farmers who produce the world’s food don’t earn enough to feed their own families. Fairtrade advocates for a system of global trade that shares the benefits of trade more equally “By choosing Fairtrade products, people create change through their everyday actions.” said Darío Soto Abril, Global CEO at Fairtrade International.

“Improving the lives of farmers and workers is our mission and we are proud that more than 1.6 million of them benefit from Fairtrade. There is still a lot of work to do to tackle poverty in the long run and bring the benefits of a fairer system of trade to these communities, including earning enough to support a decent standard of living. I would like to invite all Fairtrade supporters to participate in the World Fairtrade Challenge in order to share how they ‘stand for fairness’ and enable more farmers and workers to bring about change in their communities”.

The World Fairtrade Challenge 2018 encourages citizens and community groups around the world to stand for trade fairness in many different ways: Friends, family, neighbours and colleagues can get together and share Fairtrade products or organize an event. It might be a coffee and chocolate break in the office. Schools can put on educational events or businesses could treat their customers to Fairtrade products. Larger events in local communities are welcome too – from a picnic in the local park to a high-profile event in parliament. Whatever participants choose to do, however big or small, they’ll be supporting more farmers and workers to fight for a fairer deal.

One of these farmers is Harniti, a member of an Indonesian coffee cooperative. The group uses its Fairtrade Premium to train farmers on productivity and quality improvements and also invests in equipment and seedlings for each member. They have come a long way, but the cooperative members are looking to increase Fairtrade sales so their community can benefit further. “I’d like to see more people buy our coffee so that I can earn more money to send my children to university” said Harniti. The World Fairtrade Challenge is an opportunity to support farmers like Harniti and show that you stand for fairness in global trade.

To find out more about this year’s World Fairtrade Challenge, please visit www.fairtradechallenge.org. You will find plenty of ideas and materials for organizing events as well as information about Fairtrade and its benefits for small-scale farmers and workers. You can also take the challenge online and share on social media using #stand4fairness.

Source: Newsletter Fairtrade International, 10.04.2018