15.11.2017 | UNSSC: Webinar – Meet the 2017 Momentum for Change Award Winners

Join us for the next session of our webinar series ‘SD Talks Special Series on Climate Action’.

During COP23, the people behind some of the 2017 Momentum for Change Lighthouse Activities will demonstrate how they are creating positive impact in the lives of people, communities and on the planet´s health, through innovative approaches. The Momentum for Change initiative is spearheaded by UN Climate Change to shine a light on some of the most innovative, scalable and replicable examples of what people are doing to address climate change.

This webinar will feature Laura Stachel, who will present ‘We Care Solar’, Trevor Bell, presenting ‘SmartICE’, and Giulia Kathleen Houston, presenting ‘From Waste to Wow’. The discussion will be moderated by Sarah Marchildon, Team Lead, Momentum for Change, UN Climate Change. At the end of the discussion, participants will have the opportunity to ask their questions directly to the speakers during the live Q&A session.

The SD Talks Special Series on Climate Action is a webinar series organised by the UNSSC Knowledge Centre for Sustainable Development in partnership with UN Climate Change in the lead up to and during COP23. This webinar series was conceived to set the stage for COP23 which will take place in Bonn in November, and to further discussions around climate change and sustainable development. For more information, please email sustainable-development@unssc.org.

Further information and registration: http://bit.ly/2zqOKWU

Source: Notification UNSSC, 07.11.2017