07. – 08.11.2017 | WWEA: Global Renewable Energy Solutions

Several leading global, European and national renewables energy associations have teamed up to co-host the Global Renewable Energy Solutions Showcase event (GRESS) in Bonn on 7-8 November 2017, in parallel and in conjunction with the UN Climate Change Conference COP23. Recently, GRESS has obtained the official endorsement by the COP23 Presidency, the Government of Fiji, to become a “COP23 Endorsed Event”.

COP23 will take place at the headquarters of the UNFCCC Secretariat, presided over by the Government of Fiji and will follow the groundbreaking COP21 in Paris during which close to 200 governments agreed to achieve a greenhouse gas neutral energy supply by 2050. During the following COP22 in Marrakesh, 48 governments went even further and committed themselves to a 100% renewable energy supply.

With the Paris agreement reached at COP21, the UN Climate Change Conferences have changed their character fundamentally and are now focusing on technologies and solutions which are needed to achieve an emission free energy supply. Hence GRESS will focus on solutions in the field of renewable energy which the renewable energy sector can already provide today. Companies from all renewable energy branches are invited to present their actual technologies and services to the COP23 delegates. Correspondingly, all COP23 delegates from 200 countries are invited to join GRESS for free, and get in contact with the practitioners and solution providers.

Amongst the co-hosts of the GRESS, there are: Global100% Renewable Energy Platform, REN Alliance, International Geothermal Association IGA, International Hydropower Association IHA, International Solar Energy Society ISES, World Bioenergy Association WBA, World Wind Energy Association WWEA, European Renewable Energy Federation EREF, German Renewable Energy Federation BEE, Energy Watch Group, and several other national renewable energy associations.

The venue of GRESS will be at the Federal Art and Exhibition Hall, Bundeskunsthalle, adjacent to the COP23.

IGA Executive Director Marit Bromme: “Cool the Earth – Stay hot with Geothermal. The International Geothermal Association is proud to be co-hosting the GRESS event during COP23 in Bonn. We look forward to contribute to the important dialogue on transforming the global energy portfolio from fossil-fuel based to climate neutral in the coming decades.”

IHA Executive Director Richard Taylor: “The International Hydropower Association supports the Global Renewable Energy Showcase. IHA and its members share the vision of an interconnected world where water and energy services are delivered to all in a sustainable way. The Global Renewable Energy Solution Showcase is a prime opportunity for participants of COP23 to experience the latest innovations and progress of the global renewable energy community, and to see how renewable energy technologies can work together towards decarbonising the economy, mitigating and limiting the impacts of climate change, and achieving the sustainable development goals.”

ISES President David Renné: “The International Solar Energy Society looks forward very much to participating in this important event, and encourages all who will be attending the COP23 to attend the GRESS as well.  The global membership of ISES is supporting the transformation of our energy system to 100% renewable energy through technical and academic R&D programs that reduce costs and improve reliability of renewable energy systems and the integration of these systems to meet all end use energy requirements in the power, transport, and heating and cooling sectors.  ISES disseminates these results through its prestigious Solar Energy Journal, its webinars, its presentations at conferences, and its online newsletters and publications. Attendees to the GRESS will have the opportunity to obtain the latest information on technology breakthroughs, best practices, and case studies of programs leading to a 100% renewable energy supply.”

WBA Executive Director Bharadwaj Venkata: “Renewable energy technologies working together is the best solution for mitigating global warming and meeting the global energy and climate goals. We are excited to be a part of the GRESS event which will be the ideal place to get updated on the latest renewable energy technology solutions available today.”

WWEA Secretary General Stefan Gsänger: “We are delighted that we can use the opportunity of having the COP23 next door to our office and invite the world renewable energy community to come to Bonn and share their latest achievements with the key decision makers from 200 countries. No renewable energy technology can stand on its own, and the synergies of sun, water, bioenergy, geothermal and wind will lead the world to a new age of prosperity.”

More information, sponsorship options and preregistration is available on: www.globalrenewable.solutions 

Source: Notification WWEA, 24.08.2017