[:en]EADI NORDIC 2017 – Only 7 Days until the Call for Papers Deadline[:de]EADI NORDIC 2017 – Only 7 Days until the Call for Papers Deadline[:]

Do you take an interest in development research and sustainable development? – Come to Bergen in August 2017!

Are you keen to challenge globalisation, to tackle inequalities, to query (planetary) boundaries, to join the flow of ideas?

Participate in the EADI NORDIC Conference 2017! But before, don’t forget to submit your abstract – deadline ends 31 January.
Please have a look at the updated list of calls on the website and keep in mind the submission deadline: 31 January 2017!

Researchers and practitioners in development-related fields are invited to present their work for the EADI NORDIC 2017 Conference under the working group sessions or in the panel sessions. Papers need to be related to the topics of the working group sessions /  panels  – there is no facility for standalone papers at this conference.

Please consult the session descriptions and use the online submission tool to submit your abstract by 31 January 2017. Authors will be informed by the organising team no later than 28 February 2017 whether their subject has been accepted. We welcome submissions in English and French (max. 500 words).

Source: Notification EADI, 24.01.2017